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Danu Essentials

Grow Your Roots

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Ground | Relax | Be Still

Grow Your Roots is infused with energetic signature of black tourmaline, red and white spring waters from Glastonbury, sea salt and essential oils of black spruce, douglas fir, cedarwood, rosemary, and lemongrass. Use this spray to help you come back into your body, ground big emotions, before meditation, or anytime you need to settle your body, heart and mind.

How To Use

Spray above and around you to settle and ground your energetic sphere. You can employ the power of your mind and visualize roots growing down from the bottoms of feet and spine and connecting down into the center of the earth as you spray. 



Herbal Goodness Nuturing the Whole of Our Inner and Outer Nature.

Humans are complex beings, and plants are a true gift to us. They know exactly how to work with our complexities. Every product in Danu Essentials is designed in collaboration with the intelligence of the plants, listening to how they can work with the these complexities to bring harmony and balance at all levels.

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