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Danu Essentials

Trinity Retinol Serum

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Trinity Retinol Serum is an alchemical blend of smoothing and anti-aging ingredients. Retinol, hyaluronic acid, and colloidal gold and copper help the skin to feel smooth, clear and firm. This serum soaks completely in, and is designed to be worn under the moisturizer of your choice. 

Best For; Mature, dry, sensitive, aging, normal skins

Herbal Goodness Nuturing the Whole of Our Inner and Outer Nature.

Humans are complex beings, and plants are a true gift to us. They know exactly how to work with our complexities. Every product in Danu Essentials is designed in collaboration with the intelligence of the plants, listening to how they can work with the these complexities to bring harmony and balance at all levels.

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